Not all Credit Advisers are equal - another reason to shop around for what’s right for you

We recently had a phone call from a couple (we will call them David & Trudy for this story) purchasing their first home. David and Trudy had been searching for a property to buy and had spoken to a real estate agent about buying a specific property. The agent asked a few questions about their finance and David & Trudy advised that they had already met with a broker from a well-recognised company. Upon further questioning, it became apparent to the agent that David & Trudy had very little idea on what was required and weren’t even aware how much they could spend.The agent suggested they call LadyBird HomeLoans for a “Second Opinion”. That’s when Trudy decided to call. Trudy spoke with a LadyBird Credit Adviser for approximately 15 minutes and it became self-evident that she had very little understanding of what was required throughout the finance process. Trudy decided then to meet with a LadyBird Credit Adviser at their professional suites at Goodna.When David & Trudy met with the LadyBird Credit Adviser, they were immediately impressed by the professionalism compared to the previous broker. ​After the meeting had finished, David & Trudy knew exactly how much they could spend on a property and the process involved in acquiring a property, with the assurance that the LadyBird team would be there to guide them through the process.David & Trudy have now signed a Contract to purchase a property. The finance has been approved and they will be moving in to their new home in soon.

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