Herron Todd White - Month in Review November 2015

Investor buyers are an obviously important demographic, but with the heat generated in Sydney, and to some extent Melbourne, this year, there have been moves to try and slow down this sector. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s (APRA) recent decree to the big four banks that they reduce their investor loan book has had an impact. Not all moves are downward of course – a drop in the Australian Dollar will be stimulating overseas buyers and our continuing low interest rates keep loan serviceability manageable as well. A study of investor activity across all our offices provides a useful gauge of national market performance. Commercially, the industrial sector looks to be strengthening after many lackluster years. Of course, industrial markets vary from location to location so our commercial teams are providing a review of 2015 in industrial property. It’s also a handy pointer as to what might be ahead in this space. Click here to view our November 2015 edition. Scroll down to page 38 for all the latest information about Brisbane and surrounding areas. Thanks for reading please enjoy this month's edition.

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