Never Say 'Never' Until You Talk To LadyBird

A Real Estate Agent recently referred a client, (we will call her Carrie for this article), who had signed a contract to purchase her first home. Her dream home. A property in a quiet suburb where she could relax and have a place to call her own, long into retirement.

However, despite a reasonable deposit, good employment history and currently paying rent nearly double her expected home loan repayment, Carrie had her finance applications declined, twice – by two different lenders – based on the wrong advice from another brokerage. Carrie, 50, thought her window of opportunity to purchase a home of her own, was gone.

Ladybird HomeLoans received this referral, because this Real Estate Agent was confident the LadyBird Team could give Carrie her best chance at obtaining an approval.

After speaking with Carrie – who was down on confidence with only the slightest hope left – we identified a lender that suited her requirements and the application was lodged and unconditionally approved in a matter of days. Carrie was overjoyed and couldn’t believe her luck – that a chance referral from this agent, has helped complete that dream she thought may no longer have been attainable.

At LadyBird HomeLoans we value each and every one of our clients and it’s opportunities like Carrie’s where we are reminded of the Importance of the advice supplied by mortgage brokers. At LadyBird HomeLoans, you can be assured extensive research has been completed for each and every scenario, to ensure our clients have the best opportunity of obtaining finance approval – the first time.

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