Herron Todd White Month in Review - May 2016

It’s been an active month or two in politics and it’s impacting property. Not only is the Federal election moments away, there’s already been predictions that the ultimate fight for votes will be centred on the negative gearing debate. While I’m sure we’d all like to think we could vote on more than a single issue, there’s no doubt NG has become a hot topic that will receive increasing column inches as the July poll looms. We thought in this issue of Month In Review it would be worthwhile to spend a little time looking at something different in our property markets. Heritage and protected property can bring up all sorts of discussion, but the success (or otherwise) of investing in one of these older structures can hinge on location. This month, HTW offices are providing you with a guide on Heritage homes from one population centre to the next. Commercially, it’s the retail sector, and HTW experts have honed in on rents – what are the averages around Australia; what’s driving rental demand; and where can we expect them to head in the future. Enjoy this month’s edition.

Click here to view the May 2016 edition. Skip to page 40 to read about Brisbane's heritage and protected properties.

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