Herron Todd White Month In Reveiw - June 2016

We Queenslanders love half time – it’s good for one of two things:

1. A chance to take a breather from running so many tries over in the first half.

2. An opportunity to collectively agree we’ll take our foot off the brake and romp home in a come-frombehind win.

We maroons thrive of being underrated and then over preforming, and it’s hoped this will translate into our property market as 2016 progresses. Now is the opportunity to take stock and see how we’re tracking. Certainly near city property is doing well. The solid foundation of owner-occupier real estate continues to see good performance in suburbs sitting within 5 kilometres of the CBD. It’s our market’s best performer – particularly detached housing – with most of the past 18 months demonstrating terrific gains. That said, consolidation began in early 2016 and prices seem to have stabilised. We can probably expect more of the same as we travel beyond June with performance being flat to slightly rising.

Click here to view the June 2016 edition. Skip to page 41 to read a half yearly review on properties in and around Brisbane.

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