Herron Todd White Month In Reveiw - July 2016

As HTW have said before, although Brisbane is the good husband of capital-city property – solid, safe, reliable but fairly unexciting – it has generally failed to fire at the level expected by most since 2012.

The problem appears to be a continued lack of confidence with the deflation of the Queensland mining boom casting a grey fiscal pallor across the capital city. Employment is still reasonably soft and our really hot, hot, hot property years have always come on the back of increased interstate migration – and that’s still refusing to take off.

For this reason, last years choices of property at this price point are still applicable in many instances today, and worthy of consideration once more.

Of course, while this says the market has been flat, there’s a silver lining amongst these musings – it’s that Brisbane’s CBD-accessible suburbs remain relatively affordable.

Click here to view the July 2016 edition. Skip to page 36 to read more about Brisbane's current property market.

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