Herron Todd White Month In Review - September 2016

You would be forgiven for expecting the shortest Brisbane submission ever this month with one word… Queenslander.

However, we have more to say because it’s not just a Billy Moore war cry (if you don’t know what I mean, try YouTube – it’s worth a look).

Queenslanders are the mainstay of historical construction in towns, cities and villages throughout the Sunshine State, with the design particularly suited to our far north, but for sheer diversity and density, Brisbane is the obvious home to the nations largest collection.

The majority are found in our older, inner suburbs where ‘timber and tin’ blankets the topography, particularly within a 5 kilometre radius of the CBD. Worker’s cottages with wide chamferboard and hardwood timber frames date back to before the 1900s in a number of areas. Many have been lovingly restored, while others don’t appear to have had a decent paint job since Federation. When valuing these historical gems, it’s easy to wish those walls could talk, it would be a colourful history.

Click here to view the September 2016 edition. Skip to page 39 to read more about the history of the Queenslander.

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