Herron Todd White Month In Review - October 2016

Good old Brisbane has seen the broad

gamut of market activity from feast,

to famine, to… “mehh”.

By that I mean, here we are in one of the most attractive, saleable and liveable cities on the continent… and we still haven’t seen our market firing strong right across the board. There have certainly been winners and losers but overall, average punters were expecting bigger value gains in the past four years. A lot of talk in 2013 was around Brisbane being ‘THE’ place to invest, but it’s generally failed to rise to expectations.

Enough of that – as the oil baron said, “It’s time to drill down!”

At present, there’s no doubt the strongest markets continue to be within 10 kilometres of the CBD. That’s a common theme here in Brisbane – stay close to the city centre and you won’t get hurt. There are a few reasons why you buy within a reasonable distance of the big smoke. Number one, this has traditionally been our most successful sector. In Brisbane, the closer in you are, the better your chances of consistent capital gains and ongoing tenancy.

Click here to view the October 2016 edition. Skip to page 40 to read more about the current Queensland market.

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