Herron Todd White Month In Review - November 2016

Small projects in Brisbane are a way for dabblers to dip their toe into the big pool of property projects.

Our city has all the important elements to help make small development fairly low risk. Our buy-in prices for sites are relatively cheap (compared to Sydney and Melbourne at least) plus there are a number of town plans in the region that have created proactive small development zones. Also – despite our fairly subdued overall market – there’s still enough demand for end product, be it vacant land, a new home, or even a townhouse or unit. You can make a profit with most property types, but only if you adopt a smart approach.

Due diligence is essential, even in Brisbane’s relatively forgiving market. Know what you’re buying, know what you’re doing and know what you’re selling. Key to it all is having an understanding of property values… but of course you can call us for help on this front.

Click here to view the November 2016 edition. Skip to page 37 to read more about the current Queensland market.

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