Herron Todd White Month In Review - February 2017

Last year was eventful, but our economy and property markets are yet to fully deal with the fallout. Some are predicting upward pressure on interest rates and the ability of owners (particularly those who are overextended) to deal with this. Affordability in our big capitals was also a robust discussion among commentators, as was the potential oversupply of investor stock. The impacts of last year will flow into 2017, but given the varied nature of property markets across Australia, it’s best to seek advice from local experts who know their areas inside and out. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we have here at Herron Todd White. Enjoy our annual Year Ahead issue and we look forward to providing you with the best advice for your property decisions in the coming year.

Click here to view the February 2017 edition. Skip to page 40 to read more about growth in the Queensland market.

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