Herron Todd White Month In Review - March 2017

Property, housing and construction continue to be centre-stage discussion among the public and politicians. Interest rates and changes to the tax system are always up for debate, but one element of Australian real estate that gets almost universal agreement is lack of affordability. With so much of the nation’s property trading in the big centres of Melbourne and Sydney, you’d be forgiven for thinking all Australian property is a single market priced beyond the means of every first timer, which plainly isn’t true. Given Herron Todd White’s unique and extraordinary coverage of Australia, we thought it time to discuss exactly what affordable property looks like in markets throughout the nation – and there are surprises among these pages. In addition, it’s time for our year-ahead assessment of the retail sector. Our experts are ready to provide details on exactly how they think their retail markets will progress throughout the rest of 2017.

Click here to view the March 2017 edition. Skip to page 40 to read more about growth in the Queensland market.

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