The renovation revolution - Let’s just admit it’s a guilty pleasure.

Renovating a property can be a sound path to success as long as you approach it with a level head, a keen eye for numbers and a sharp pencil. The strategy has also gained popularity for other reasons. If you desire an awesome pad in a great location but lack the ready dough to buy your dream palace upon the hill, a renovation project could help get your foot on the ladder. A well-positioned fixer-upper is a terrific opportunity to become one of the haves – when you’re forearmed ith the right information, that is. This month, Herron Todd White thought it high time they tackled renovation potential in suburbs across the nation on an office-by-office basis. The team are ready to take on the renovation challenge and let you know what types of homes make the grade for reno potential and where they are. Of course, sound advice should come with balance, so the guys and gals have also laid bare their opinion on what to avoid when considering how to transform your blood sweat and tears into sweet, sweet equity.

Head to page 40 to find out which Brisbane suburbs are pipped to earn you the best return on your renovations.

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