Herron Todd White - Month in Review September 2018

What a month we had in August! Within a few short weeks we've seen a change in Prime Minister and an out-of-cycle interest rate rise from one of the country's big four financial institutions. Of course, September heralds in the season of renewal in Australia, and with it comes calls about the Spring Selling Season for real estate.It's often said there's a huge ramp up in activity as sellers look to take advantage of the weather and buyers look to take advantage of increased listings.This is all well and good, but is the boost of Spring Selling Season fact or fiction across the country? Our team give their take...

Spring is in the air and Brisbane has the perfect climate for celebrating all things flowering. Sure, mild winters are a hallmark of our river city and diving into the cooling surf at the height of summer is pure joy, but in reality, spring is when Brisbane absolutely glows. It’s that magical time between the extremes where we get to dress lighter as days get longer. All this poetry has a point, of course. In Brisbane, spring brings out the best in our properties too. While we’re not worn down by oppressive winter cold that keeps buyers away from listings in the southern states, Brisbane suburbs and their extensive yards take on a more picturesque appearance in full bloom when compared to other seasons in our city. Bushes flower up, leaves bud on trees and the first decent falls of pre-summer rain turn the turf to a bushland green. All this sparkle plays right into the hands of sellers and their agents. In today’s online property portal lifestyle, nothing sells a story quite like pictures of Brisbane homes in the springtime. So, the overall observation is that spring selling season is, in fact a fact!... but the numbers do have a bit of cause and effect about them.

Head to page 43 to find out what Springtime means for sellers and buyers alike. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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