Month of March setting solid paths for the year despite upcoming election

With the first quarter of 2019 behind us, markets are now setting their path for the year. While a Federal Election in the next few months may cause some stakeholders to alter their plans, there are bigger influences than this around finance and the economy directing markets.

Statistical analysis is an important resource when assessing property market performance and one of the key indicators is median price. That said, it's important to not just consider 'the number on the page' but also look to what calibre of property you can purchase at an area's median figure. This gives you a wholistic view of what median price really means.

This month, the team are providing a wrap of what the median house and unit price will actually purchase in particular service areas. It's a fascinating, and often surprising discussion.

There’s a checklist of reasons why Brisbane-centric property people feel our city offers some of the best opportunities for investment in the country. These arguments roll off the tongue effortlessly whenever you engage one of us in conversation – Brisbane provides an easy-going lifestyle, new infrastructure spending, ready coastal access, promising long-term employment outlook… and so on.

All good motives for sure, but top of the list is affordable real estate. The affordability wave of southern buyers has been threatening to hit us in force since the start of this decade, but has never really delivered the hoped-for drenching. The flow is certainly underway, but it’s been more of a slow rising tide than a flash flood.

Please enjoy the March edition of Month In Review - you can find the wrap up of the Brisbane market on page 47.

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