Our western corridor has become a major growth zone in southeast Queensland

The coming months will be significant for our nation and its property markets. The federal election date is almost upon us with the major parties locked in debate on policy that has a direct effect on Australia’s real estate sector – particularly new construction. In addition, while interest rates have been kept on hold this month, there are suggestions we could be in for another cut before year’s end. The residential valuers have tackled a very topical theme for May, and analysed whether it makes more financial sense to build a new house or buy an existing one in different markets across the nation. For those considering an investment in the shadow of the election, this month’s submissions couldn’t be timelier.

One of Brisbane’s great boasts as a capital (and let’s face it, there’s plenty to boast about) is there’s an abundance of land available within a very commutable distance of our CBD. This ease of supply coupled with affordable pricing is a primary driver for the new Queenslanders coming up from down south. A very bearable drive on major roadways will get you a quick trip into town on the weekdays and award-winning beaches on the weekends. Yes, there’s plenty of dirt providing a blank canvas for your dream build, but is it wise to take on a construction project when there’s plenty of established housing already on offer at reasonable prices? While your own circumstances will dictate what’s best in terms of property purchases, Herron Todd White have provided a locational guide on land + build throughout the Brisbane region. Head to page 39 to read more.

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