Origin isn’t the only thing Queensland is ahead of on the tally board!

The first six months of 2019 have proved more exciting than many may have imagined when the year began. While the general outlook was potentially of markets just finding their feet in the wake of post-boom Sydney and Melbourne, the influence of borrowing challenges and the national economic outlook played their role in driving market direction too. Of course, in the lead up to mid-year, we were all awaiting the federal election. While that outcome is now known, most observers were presuming a different result and it seems the market were factoring this in during the first half of the year – as you’ll see from this month’s submissions. While there’ll be plenty of column inches written as events unfold in the political sphere, this June issue of Month In Review provides an interesting frieze of 2019’s pre-election around the nation.

To read more about Queensland's property market post-election, and what it means for you, head to page 39.

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