All you need to know about the "Spring Selling Season"

September has arrived and we’re heading into what has come to be called the “Spring Selling Season” in Australian real estate circles. The theory is that as the weather warms and flowers bloom, homes start looking their best and buyers will come out of hibernation. This season is seen by some as a prompt for many owners to list their property for sale. The actual impact of spring on the sales cycles is debatable, but there are indications price retractions in Sydney and Melbourne have slowed, and there’s currently a long-term positive outlook for many other localities around the nation as well. This month, the residential teams are studying the effects of population shifts on property prices. They look at where people are moving from and to (and why), and how this is directing demand for real estate.

Head to page 43 to find out what to expect for Brisbane's "Spring Selling Season". [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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