Madonna and Bradley - Leichhardt, QLD


"My husband and I had been stuck in the rent cycle for ages - we wanted a home of our own but due to our circumstances we never believed we would meet the criteria set out by lenders. Then we got some really bad news, the rental property we lived in was being sold and the cost of renting was getting so high it was such a waste of money. We needed help but didn't know where to go. I had been looking at houses in the paper and went to an open house at a house that was our dream home. After chatting to the agent and admitting that I didn't think we would have any chance of ever qualifying for a loan she gave me the number for LadyBird HomeLoans. She told me how helpful they'd been to other clients in the past and that they just might be able to help us. I was a bit nervous and worried that we might be wasting their time but they put us completely at ease.


Even though they were confident I wasn't getting my hopes up (meanwhile I kept going back to that house at every open house they held!). When they got back to us with an approval I still couldn't believe it, we were actually going to be able to buy the perfect home for us.


Once the loan was all set I thought that would be the end of LadyBird HomeLoans' help but they have stayed in contact with us and made sure everything has gone smoothly and even the smallest glitch was straightened out. We'd never had any experience with buying a house before and didn't know what we were doing a lot of the time but LadyBird HomeLoans  were happy to offer help and advice.


I honestly don't know how we would have coped without this help. We would recommend LadyBird HomeLoans to anyone, we have been telling family and friends about how well we were treated and what great service they offer. We found that everyone we dealt with there was helpful, courteous and polite. We found the Loan Consultant to be honest and straightforward and he certainly offered excellent customer service, he really goes out of his way to ensure that his customer gets treated fairly and everything is done right.


I have the feeling that we didn't just buy a home but we gained a friend. Regards"