If you’re thinking of upgrading, downgrading or simply relocating, there are two things you will need to know to make the transition between homes as smooth as possible.


  • The value of my current home

  • How much I will need for my new home


The value of my current home

Valuing a home is not as simple as a report from your real estate agent. This is only a market appraisal. A lender will only lend against their own valuation report which comes from a valuer appointed by them.


At LadyBird, before the loan application commences we are fortunate enough to be able to order an upfront valuation through the lender. Not all Credit Advisors or bank branch staff have attained this priviledge.


The benefit of this is that we can gain the inside knowledge on a true valuation for lending purposes, and this can save you from a declined application and therefore a record on your credit file. This may then impact on your chances of getting credit approved elsewhere.


How did LadyBird gain this priviledge?

Over the years we have been assessed by the lenders on our ability to provide quality applications and assisting large volumes of clients that are in a similar situation.


It is a status that is envied within the industry and one that can assure you the most efficient and effecitive loan application process.



My Next Home

How much will I need for my next home?

The value LadyBird can bring to this phase of your home purchase is understanding the true costs of buying and selling property.


This insight enables LadyBird to determine the actual net position that you need to borrow. And, in turn, this translates to what your new weekly repayments are going to be. 


If you do require additional monies for your next home, it may also be time to review your loan to see if it still suits your needs, or if we can find you a better deal.

Buying Your Next Home