How Much?

Nothing. That's how much!

Firstly, let’s dispel one very common misconception. At LadyBird we do not charge our clients a direct fee for our services as we receive a small commission directly from the lender or bank providing the finance. And, the cost of this commission is not passed on to you.


This is because as a Credit Advisor we have saved the lender money by bringing you to them and streamlining the loan approval process for them. Essentially, using a credit advisor like LadyBird HomeLoans often costs you nothing despite the fact that it has the potential to save you a lot of time and money.  


At Ladybird, we don’t charge any appointment fees or booking fees. Whilst we receive a small commission from the lender, it does not influence our decision in finding you the right loan. From July 2010, new regulations came into play designed to protect you, the borrower.  Since that time, Credit Advisors like us at LadyBird HomeLoans, are the only people licenced to give you advice and education on the right product and "loan structures" available to meet your goals and objectives. Lenders on the otherhand cannot provide credit advice and can only provide you with general information about that bank’s specific loan products. 


And, unlike lender employees, we are subject to strict licence requirements. This includes holding industry specific qualifications, a proven amount of experience, and participating in ongoing educational programs. We have to prove through external regulator audits that we have given you the right solution and have not been influenced by commission.


So, we always have your interests at heart.  But to be fair, if you do manage to finalise your loan within two years (a great problem!) there is a small clawback payment that may be charged. This is because the lender will clawback our payment for all of the hard work done on getting you your loan.