There is no doubt about it, buying your first home is the most exciting and fulfilling time of your life. It is the great Aussie Dream. A place to lay roots and start the rest of your life. But it can also be overwhelming and sometimes stressful if you don’t have the right help.


At LadyBird we are experts at helping our customers buy a first home. We help hundreds of people just like you every year. Even if you go to a lender directly and are approved for a loan, it is then up to you to go off into the wilderness and manage the real estate agent, solicitor, accountant (where required) and obtain certified copies of this, that and the other. This can be extremely stressful, frustrating and time consuming.


As a credit advisor, we will save you from this painful experience by project managing the whole process on your behalf. 

My 1st Home

Buying a First Home

So how much can I borrow?

There is a real danger in setting yourself up for failure by relying on online calculators as they only take a small sample of your personal situation.


At LadyBird HomeLoans we will take the time to understand your entire situation and give the appropriate advice you need.


As a professional credit advisor we have access to the lenders’ credit policies and can advise you about whether your financial circumstances are in line with a particular lender’s loan requirements.


This inside knowledge gives you the best chance of fulfilling your dream and buying your first home.



Explaining the jargon to you

Standard rate, Variable rate, Comparison rate, Offset account, redraw facility, lenders mortgage insurance, conveyancing, consolidation, guarantor, split loans. With so many terms it is easy to get confused which is why we take our time to explain everything to you that you will need to know.

We will:

  • Explain the entire process in buying your first home and any costs you may run into

  • Help you get pre approval

  • Search across hundreds of different home loans available to find the right one for you

  • Tell you about any government incentives that may apply to you like the First Home Owners Grant. First Home Loan deposit Scheme or Stamp Duty concessions; and

  • We will even help you apply for them